Interesting Story Louis Colavecchio Gets the Nickname of the Fraud King

Louis Colavecchio was an extraordinary gambler. Whose genius was perhaps the equivalent of the inventor of the physical sciences. He was able to win almost all casino gambling, especially in slot game games. By always bringing home hundreds of thousands of dollars. In winning money from all casinos around Atlantic City and its surroundings. World biographies record. That only he is capable of making fake coins that manipulate slot game machines.

He doesn’t need to spend a lot of money just to play slot games. Because basically he managed to manipulate the machine with his own coins. A written fact from online biographies says that after losing a lot with Louis’s coins. They finally chased and Loise and made demands. For more details on Louis “The Coin” Colavechhio’s activities. Let us casually read the world’s biography about this slot game genius.

World Biography Louis Colavecchio, the Last Child Wants to Follow in the Footsteps of His Father as a Businessman

Biography Louis Colavecchio writes himself born on January 1, 1945. Is the last child of the couple Benedict Colavecchio and Dora Colavecchio. The couple is an Italian immigrant living in Providence, Rhode Island. His father became a successful businessman in America thanks to his prowess in making high-quality tools. This ultimately made the last son, Louis, want to follow in his father’s footsteps to create his own business empire. Biographies of the world wrote him graduating from Business Management university at Providence College in 1964.

Until finally after graduating he opened his own business called Trop Jewelry Co in his city of Providence. In a world biographical note, he said that it took his jewelry shop 10 years. To actually get a good profit. But bad luck came, his shop was robbed and unfortunately, Louis was there that day. And robbers beat Luois up and left him almost dead. The police failed to find the robber at that time. And finally made his jewelry shop go bankrupt.

Fall in Love with a Slot Game in Atlantic City

In world biographies, at that time Louis was on vacation in Atlantic City. And immediately fell in love with slot game machines. He tried for the first time and successfully won the game. It is recorded by various records by world biographers. That he often played slot games at Caesar’s Palace Hotel and Atlantic City casino. After several game attempts, he realized that his money should not be lost in the machine. After several failed attempts at manipulating the machine, he finally planned to make a duplicate of a fake coin.

Biographies of the world wrote that Louis originally imitated chip coins in poker. His reason was to test whether his coins would be caught or not. The project of making Louis fake coins is very detailed. And in the end, the slot machine was fooled by the handiwork of this coin. The first time he tried a fake coin. The world biography said that he used his first coin in the machine with the biggest prize. And it turned out that the fake coins were able to work like real coins.

Louis Colavecchio’s Nightmare

During his months in Atlantic City playing with his fake coins. World biographers wrote that he wanted to successfully try his luck at the Mohegan Sun, Connecticut casino. Maybe he would always be free of obstacles. If only Caesar Palace did not open and see the excess of 10 dollar coins. And finally called the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement to investigate. By sending samples of fake coins around Caecar’s such as casinos such as Bally’s Park Place and Showboat Casinos.

World biographies also write that all casinos in the Atlantic City area are under close surveillance. And are working thoroughly to catch the person responsible for the coin counterfeiting scandal. Until finally on January 31, 1998, Louis and his lover Donna Ulrich came to Caecar’s Palace to play slot games. After the investigation team found something strange in this couple. They finally called the police to arrest both of them. The world biography states that at the time of Louis’s arrest. The police found 750 pounds of fake coins in his car.

Fall on the Same Hole the Second Time

World biographies say that Louis received a penalty for counterfeiting coins for 7 years. Then he left in 2006, and it didn’t take long for him to return to being a regular hotel prodeo. The biography of the world writes that he was caught doing card slot machine fraud. And then a mysterious man bailed himself out by paying 25 thousand dollars.

Then he also stumbled on possession of marijuana. Although he provided evidence from doctors that he needed marijuana leaves. But not with the overwhelming cocaine possession in his home and world biographies say he was caught again for this. Regardless of his crime, world biographies say Louis Collavechio is a genius. Who has managed to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars just by making fake coins every night.